Who could imagine that a musical project started as a few friends trading power chords and random jokes could flourish into a full blown punk rock party band capable of leaving audiences feeling like they left both a high energy rock concert and an alternative comedy show at the same time? Certainly not the members of Monster Mob, even though it’s exactly what has been mutating before their very eyes over the last couple years.

The music formula started by simply blending the band members love of punk, alternative and heavy rock with it’s favorite horror, sci-fi and random pop culture subjects. With that stout but odd skeleton in tact they fleshed out the rest of this man made monster with buzz-saw riffs, captivating hooks and inflexible back beats paired with throbbing low end to anchor it into place. This trashy punk rock beast was then infused with sharp wit, tongue-in-cheek humor and lighting like energy before the creators gave it a name and began to show it off to the public. Like any Frankenstein style monster created by unorthodox thinkers, it is received with shock and confusion while the listeners fall in love with the human side. But that’s what Rock N’ Roll is about now, isn’t it?

Monster Mob hits the stage with a tornado of vivacious music blended with witty comedic skits, props and antics that will entertain anyone who is a fan of having a good time! If you are ready for something that’s a little campy, a little ravenous and a lot different from the normal stage act, then this is the band you have been looking for!


Cory – Vocals
Mark- Bass
Garett  – Guitar
Amy – Drums
Plus Various Rotating Actors and Stage Hands!


Press or General Contact:


2015 Monster Mob EP [CD & Digital]
2015 American Grindhouse [CD & Digital]
2015 Mister Babadook [Digital Single]
2015 Black X-Mas [Digital Single]
2016 Territorial Pissings [Cassette Tape & Digital]
2016 Monster-A-Go Go! [7“ Vinyl]
2016 Return of the Creature EP [CD & Digital]
2016 Beth [Digital Single]
Coming in 2018:
Die, Monster Die! (Live Album) and Demented Forever (New Full Length Album)

Die Monster Die no text


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