Monster Mob? If you think that sounds like the name of some campy 1980‘s horror flick, than you’re on the right track! It’s supposed to conjure images of rubber creatures rampaging small towns, or blood drenched slashers chasing teenage victims through the woods, or evil geniuses bringing life to mutant creations in basements, or tribes of freaks living in the shadows in remote areas destined to be visited by a group of college kids once a year.

If you can imagine a band that packs all the fun, action, and gore of your favorite B-movies into upbeat and hard hitting songs then you are still on the right track! By blending the musical influences of old school punk rock and metal with the lyrical influences of classic and indie horror, science fiction and comic books, Monster Mob have come up with a fun concoction that proves you don’t have to take death and destruction as serious as your average heavy band does!

The members of this band are no strangers to the Midwest music scene, and have taken all their experience and energy and channeled it into something new and fresh for each of them, which in a way has revitalized their love for music and has helped make this a dangerously tight band with a seriously fun live show! If you are ready for something a little bloody, a little campy and a lot ravenous, then don’t miss out on your chance to run with this mob!

Cory – Vocals
Mark- Bass
Garett  – Guitar
Amy – Drums


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